About Us

About Us

Towncentre Taupo represents the interests of every business in Taupo's central business district. All such businesses, as defined by Taupo District Council, are, by default, members of TCT. Our primary aim is to promote the development of Taupo's town centre as a safe and vibrant community balancing social, environmental and economic needs while retaining its unique identity.

Towncentre Taupō (TCT) became an incorporated society in 2005.  It is funded by a special annual rate or a levy which is paid by members through rates to Taupō District Council.  This rate is returned to TCT to cover expenses, business development and promotion initiatives within the town centre.


Executive Board and Management Team

Towncentre Taupo is governed by an elected Executive Board who undertake governance duties for TCT. There is a constitution that provides a framework under which we operate. The Executive Board have a range of duties and obligations they must adhere to and must observe the conflict of interest policy. The board meet on a monthly basis and TCT members are welcome to attend board meetings.


Julie McLeod
General Manager
Towncentre Taupo

I chose Taupo as my home over 20 years ago and feel privileged to live, work and play here. My mission is to protect and enhance this boutique, unique town that I absolutely love by delivering on the plan set by the TCT Board each year. It is an absolute pleasure to work with such an energetic and motivated Board.
Chris Johnston
Replete Cafe

I have been actively involved in a town centre business for the past 21 years, running Replete Café. The heart of all great communities is a vibrant CBD and my passion has seen me strongly advocate for the enhancement and sustainability of the Taupo town centre.
Daniel Britten

After being born and raised in Taupo, I have developed a real love of this place. The Town Centre is the heart of Taupo and there is nothing like seeing the town bustling on a Saturday morning. I would love to see more days like this and believe Taupo has all the attributes, as a place to live and visit, to make this happen.
Debbie Littlewood
Mainly Silver

I have had my business in Taupo for 20 years. I was previously on the Board for seven years and I have joined again as I believe Taupo needs to be nurtured as a town. We have something very special here and it is too easy to take it for granted and think it will always be like this. Taupo businesses need support to keep attracting more visitors.
Ben Westerman
Westerman Property Solutions

I was born and bred in Taupo and have always called it home. With real estate in my blood, I returned to Taupo nine years ago to join the family firm at Westerman Property Solutions, a company operating in Taupo for over 50 years. I am passionate about driving business and industry to Taupo.
Christine Singer
Enterprise Great Lake Taupo

I moved to Taupo at the tender age of 17 and have lived here for 27 years (with 10 years away in Australia). In that time I have seen many changes occur within the town centre. I am extremely passionate about Taupo and the Taupo Town Centre. I love the buzz in town when events are on and the excitement of the community and visitors.
Mark Gibson
Top Gear Cycles

Taupo is a great place to do business. We have undergone many changes in the last few years with lots of projects finishing and the new E.T.A. It is now the time to stamp our place on the map and I hope to help out as best as I can by joining the Towncentre Taupo board this year.
Shawn Vennell
Quality Print

I have been involved in Quality Print for 29 years. I have previously served 6 years on the Board and I enjoyed my year as Chairman. Town centres everywhere are faced with many challenges and I am happy to be back on the Board to assist with the vibrancy of NZ’s best town centre. Before shopping online, always ask yourself “Can I buy the item I am looking for in Taupo?”
Stephen Payne
Office Products Depot

I am passionate about Taupo as a destination to live, work and play. I love to show off what we have in this great region which revolves around a strong town centre. I was previously on the Board for 7 years and have returned as I believe we need to work together with all interested parties to continue creating a vibrant and thriving town centre.

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Towncentre Taupo Inc
The Hub, Level 1,
32 Roberts St, Taupo 3330
PO Box 2231, Taupo 3351
Phone: 07 377 0104
Mobile: 021 415 231
Email: info@towncentretaupo.co.nz

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